bagging and palletizing solutions

  • 5-25kg PP Woven Bag Rice Packing Line

    5-25kg PP Woven Bag Rice Packing Line

    5-25kg PP Woven Bag Rice Packing Line; The full set Rice Packing line solution include: automatic weighing packing machine, Bagging, stitching, conveyor, Metal detector, weighing scale, robot palletizing etc. bagging and palletizing solutions. 1.Double working station bag giving system. 100-300 bags can be stored. 2.There is an air pressure detecting device in the process of picking up the bag, opening the bag, clamping the bag, and filling the bag. Unqualified bags will be kicked out automatically without stopping the working. bagging system. 3.High speed weighing scale. automatic bagging machine, Automatic rice packing machine 4.Bag-clamping movement and discharge gate are using two independent systems which make the bag clamping more stable 5.Using the big finger cylinder can make sure the bag mouth to be smooth. 6.It adopts a plastic chain plate conveyor belt, gear meshing transmission, which is not easy to slip and deflect; the conveyor belt and the upper guide bag mechanism adopt mechanical linkage to ensure the synchronization of the conveying process. 7.All the major motoring is using servo motors. bagging and palletizing solutions

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