fortfied rice mixture machine

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    Fortified Rice Machine Blending Machine Mixture Machine

    Fortified Rice Machine Blending Machine Mixture Machine

    Output 10kg- 8 Tons per hour. Fortified rice mix normal rice ratio 1:100, or according customer requirement. more then 2 chambers control.Can adapt to various materials; The ratio range is 1:40. The discharge port can be automatically opened within the matching range.; With automatic flow correction function during operation; One-button clearing material, after the ingredients are finished, it is easy to remove the materials in the measuring bucket; Adopt non-residue design, independently control double feeding mechanism, ensure fast feeding, and adapt to various specifications of flow control; With channel alarm stop function, with quantitative output function mode; Reserve communication interface, which can be connected with the manufacturer's central control system, and has perfect communication function.; 3 sensors to ensure fast and stable feeding process; Single level detection control discharge to ensure uniformity of discharge.

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