grain blending machine

  • 20T Grain Rice Mixing Machine

    20T Grain Rice Mixing Machine

    20 ton per hour Grain Rice Mixing Machine for Grain processing, chemical, port and other industries that require continuous operation and automatic control of material flow rate. Can adapt to various materials; Single-channel maximum output up to15t / h, minimum flow 0.2t / h; The ratio range is 1:40. The discharge port can be automatically opened within the matching range.; With automatic flow correction function during operation; One-button clearing material, after the ingredients are finished, it is easy to remove the materials in the measuring bucket; Adopt non-residue design, independently control double feeding mechanism, ensure fast feeding, and adapt to various specifications of flow control; rice mixing machine With channel alarm stop function, with quantitative output function mode; Reserve communication interface, which can be connected with the manufacturer's central control system, and has perfect communication function.; 3 sensors to ensure fast and stable feeding process; Single level detection control discharge to ensure uniformity of discharge. Good Mixing machine; grain blending machine

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