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  • Sunflower Seed Packing Machine Nuts Packaging Machine

    Sunflower Seed Packing Machine Nuts Packaging Machine

    Sunflower Seed Packing Machine Nuts Packaging Machine. Suitable for the quantitative packaging of granular materials in peanut, peanut kernel, and other industries. Granule packing machine Advantages of high precision, fastpacking speed, stable performance, and easy operation. Imported technology is used to control instruments, sensors, and pneumatic actuators. Peanut packaging machine with Automatic error correction, over and under error alarm, fault source diagnosis, and other functions. The equipment has the function of the upsetting bag, sunflower packing machine All parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel with long service life. Nuts packing machine with The RS232 / 485 serial port is reserved for data communication with the peripheral management system.

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  • Automatic Rice Bagging Machine

    Automatic Rice Bagging Machine

    ZDB-900-Q10 is a fully automatic high-speed bagging machine, automatic weighing and filling machine, Automatic granule packing machine for the 10-25kg open-mouth pillow, and/or gusseted bags for woven PP and paper bags. It is distinguished by its outstanding speed and reliability as well as its high flexibility to work with all kinds of bag types and materials. Due to its technical maturity and several patented modules, the bagging system has become one of the most reliable packaging machines in the world. The bagging machine has been therefore installed in many different industries for packaging products like plastic pellets, animal feed, corn, seed, beans, lentils, sugar, rice, and so on.

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