Jialong And COFCO Grains Signed "Strategic Cooperation Agreement"


On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, Jialong Technology actively promoted the development of the technological innovation industry and guided the idea that “innovation is the first driving force for development”. Cai Songhua, Chairman of Jialong Technology, and Jiang Ying, Director of Marketing Center, arrived in the capital. Beijing and COFCO Grains signed the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement for Key Equipment Suppliers”; 

Jialong And COFCO Grains Signed

Zeng Xianfeng, deputy secretary of the CPC Central Grain Party Committee, deputy general manager of the project, Li Shuping, deputy general manager of the project investment department (presiding), Tang Jing, executive deputy general manager of the rice management department Yang Shulin, assistant to the general manager of the Flour Management Department, and other leaders attended the signing ceremony. 

Jialong And COFCO Grains Signed

During the meeting, everyone discussed technology innovation, production modernization, equipment intelligence, etc., and put forward the prospects for future business development. Co-signed strategic cooperation on rice packing machine, automatic vacuum packing machine, fully automatic packing line agreement, will strive to give full play to their respective advantages, together with consumers to provide safe, healthy, and nutritious rice noodles. Different eras, different regions, different faces, the constant is the feelings of the child and the confidence in the future. All in all, just for a better China!

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